Fade Haircut Guide | 6 Trendiest Fade Haircuts for Men

One of the trendiest haircut for men is the fade haircut. This haircut is characterized by the hair having a gradient look, from longer to shorter hair, that adds detail to an existing hairstyle. Simply put, the hair either gradually fades lower in the head or is cut. It is a classic technique that increases in popularity as new styles are added to the selection. With this said, there are more styles expected to come.

If you are thinking about tweaking your hairstyle for a fresher look, now is the time to act! This style is the perfect one for men who dare to try out new styles. Read on to learn more about the fade haircut styles and how to tell them apart.

The Key Differences Between Taper and Fade Haircut

The taper and fade haircut are very similar cuts and are some of the favorite men’s haircut. However, people get confused and get the other instead of what they hoped to have from the barbers. This section then is dedicated to clear up the confusion. It is intended so that you may be able to tell the difference between taper vs fade haircuts.

Both haircuts involve cutting the hair length from long to short. One of the differences is the materials used in cutting. While barbers mainly use the scissors in taper cuts, they use the hair clippers in fade haircuts. However, some barbers still utilize hair clippers, along with the scissors, when doing taper cuts. It is really just a matter of getting the cut done.

Another difference is the choice of style. Taper cuts are more professional and casual looking while fade cuts look more cool and funky. In addition, fading is more obvious in fade haircut than in taper cuts. It ends above the hairline and blends into the skin. In contrast, the fading in taper cuts does not blend down to the skin. 

Above everything that is mentioned, the main difference lies in hair length that remains after the haircut. Taper cuts are still relatively long whereas fade haircuts are much shorter than taper cuts (1-2 inches from top of the head).

Is a Fade Haircut for You?

The fade haircut is generally preferred by individuals who do not want so much maintenance or grooming. As already mentioned, getting this hairstyle can give one a funky and cool look. Still, the appeal can be different from one individual to another, depending mainly on the base cut. This hairstyle is also quite versatile since it is an additional style to an existing one.

Individuals with square and oval face frames look good with a fade haircut. Square faces have a masculine look; thus, having a fade haircut that is taller on the top can soften the look. They may also opt for the really short cuts with fade. Furthermore, oval face shapes will look good with most hairstyles including the faded cuts. They just have to be careful with covering their forehead as it would make their heads appear rounder than they already are.

6 Types of Fade Haircuts for Men

Regardless of the accompanying hairstyle, fade cuts are easily identifiable. It is usually seen in shorter hair length, but recent trends now include longer hair on top. To make you familiar with the most common types of fades, we have enlisted the 6 fade haircuts for the gentlemen.


The classic hair fade is the go-to fade style when one isn’t sure which style to transition. The cut is usually faded at a length of 3-4 inches above the hairline. It fades at every level at a ½ inch thick from the parietal ridge. To maintain the style, damping the hair with wax may be necessary. Most, if not all, barbers mastered the style and is thus easily done. However, it would need a regular visit to your barber.


As its name suggests, the low fade cut involves fading the hair from just about 1-inch above the natural hairline at the back and front. The man getting the haircut can decide which part of the lower hair will the fading be. Depending on the intensity of the fading, he goes back to the barber for touch-ups. Typically, the lower the fade, the more frequent the visit will be. Consequently, one has to go back to the barbers more frequently than the other fade haircuts on the list.


Mid fade is a balance between high and low fades. It lands below the middle side of the head and is shaved very close to the skin. It has a softer fade than skin fade, yet a more gradual one than the taper. This style is originally used by the military men but is now adapted by other adherents to the style who want a modernized look. The soft fade is a good base for a pompadour or other similar long hairstyles.


High fade gives more shaved area than any fade on the list. Fading starts from about two inches’ top of the head allowing more perimeter for shaving. This style looks better with consistent skin tone. It’s also a go-to style for men in the military. But more than the style, this fade is loved for its low maintenance which can still vary depending on one’s hair growth speed.


Some men combine taper and fade cuts for a smarter yet stylish look. Taper fade is sometimes called low fade haircut because of their close features. A taper fade though has cuts that are unnoticeable and are placed a little higher than low fade. This style can also be worn with high or low base hair and with various hair designs. It is indeed one of the most popular styles of today which are worth trying.


Skin fade, also known as bald fade, the haircut is one of the boldest types of fades. This style involves cutting hair right down to the skin. Part of the head is bald while the other part has a whole head of hair. While bald fade is typically done in the lower head, variations can include other areas. Its unique fading style is what makes it an attractive option for bold men.

4 Things to Do Before Getting a Haircut

Getting a haircut is truly a rewarding and exciting experience, especially for those who are yet to try out new styles. But whether you are experimenting with a cut or having your normal haircut, there are several things to think about to make sure the experience pays off. Here, we have listed the 5 things you should do before having a haircut.


Mistakes in getting a haircut are sometimes caused by the client instead of the barber. Not knowing or, at the very least, having an idea of what style you want to end up with can be detrimental. Therefore, if it is the fade haircut, which cut exactly would you like to have (high, mid, low etc.)? and what would the base hairstyle be?

Most barbers know how each style should be cut, but unless you communicate your preferences well, you may still end up disappointed with your haircut. Thus, do your research, ask a friend, and think things through prior to getting a haircut.


Another way to say this is— set realistic expectations for yourself. You might have seen your favorite basketball player or celebrity wear the same hairstyle that you have in mind, but you can’t just blindly follow him. Get an idea of what you want but at the same time, see if it suits your facial structure.

For instance, it is mentioned in this article that fade hairstyles are best for square or oblong features. Research can help but the better way to do this is to have someone else verify your choice. Remember, even the best hairstyle can go wrong in the wrong head.


This is especially important for those opting for a clipper cut. A dry and clean hair can easily be clipped. Here ‘clean’ means not to use wax, pomade, or any product that could hold the hair in place. Doing so will allow the barber to immediately attend to your styling needs. It is also best that you do not wear a hat when going to the barbershop as it leaves lines that will make it difficult for the barber to tell your hair length.

Although some barbershops offer a hair wash before cutting, it is best to come clean and dry for this will allow the barber to evaluate how your hair falls naturally.


Barbershops, like the Blade & Beard Co. in Tulsa, which offer appointment options, have better customer service and standards in a haircut. The appointment alone is a sign that you are going to be well attended to and that you are not one for a rush job.

It is also good if you are not the first or the last of the barbershop’s customers. In the early morning, barbers are still warming up and probably need a little more time to handle tricky hairstyles. On the flip side, barbers are probably too tired on near closing hours. Thus, an appointment in the middle of the day is the best time for tricky hair grooming.


Finding the right barbershop is just as important as knowing the style that best suits you. If you are certain a style will work for you, then by all means, have it done by the experts! It is even better to have a regular barber who knows which styling and grooming are best for your hair.

In Blade & Beard Co. all the barbers are trained experts in men’s haircut, including fade haircut, razor shaves, tapers, and more. Plus, whoever suits to your liking the first time, you get to book them for your touch ups. Of course, these are all in addition to the excellent customer service the shop offers.


The fade haircut has been around a long time and has developed numerous variations. However, inquiries regarding taper vs fade haircuts never seem to disappear. Although the two are very similar hairstyles, you have more ways to play around fade haircuts, ranging from the less to the most conspicuous ones. May the six fade hairstyles in this article serve as your guide.

Whatever your chosen hairstyle is, it is achievable with the right barbershop. Look for those with experienced barbers in fade cuts like Blade & Beard Co in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Know and experience for yourself!  Make an appointment here!

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